Pricing & Support Plans

Wintix and Webtix Pricing

Wintix has two levels that, depending on the sophistication of your needs, will make your box office easier to manage and produce easy-to-create reports for accurate accountability.

Product Price


Wintix 5 $995
Wintix 5 Pro $5000


Webtix 5 Rental $2/day
Webtix 5 Full License $5000


Upgrade from an older version of Wintix $695
Upgrade from an older version of Wintix Pro $3500
Upgrade from standard Wintix to Wintix Pro $4850

Version 6

Wintix 6 and Webtix 6 TBD/please contact for information

Wintix Service Options from Center Stage Software

Get the Most Value from Wintix with a Support Plan

Wintix is renowned for being a very robust, flexible software solution for box office ticketing for entertainment venues. However, users need professional, responsive support to maximize their use of the program’s features and to answer questions and concerns that arise upon occasion. Having a Center Stage Software Support Contract guarantees that you will be able to obtain help whenever you need it.

Choose from two types of service contracts for Wintix 5 users:
1) ANNUAL: A yearly contract

  • $400 – Wintix Standard
  • $550 – Wintix Standard with Webtix rental/RTT
  • $650 – WintixPro
  • $800 – WintixPro/Webtix rental
  • $850 – WintixPro with RTT*
  • $1,750 – WintixPro/Webtix (full license)
2) MONTHLY: A per month contract**

  • $25 – Webtix rental for Wintix 5 users with a Wintix annual service contract in place
  • $45 – Webtix rental for Wintix 5 users without a Wintix annual service contract in place
  • $55 – Wintix Standard
  • $75 – Wintix Standard with Webtix rental
  • $85 – WintixPro
  • $220 – WintixPro/Webtix (full license)
* WintixPro service from Center Stage Software. RTT service from Center Stage Software and Click4Tix.
** Payments done using automated recurring billing with your credit card.

A Support Contract Includes:

  • Both email and phone service
  • A remote login for a higher level of service
  • Free updates
  • Valuable newsletters full of tutorials and important news and access to our Help Desk blog

CSS Support Contract Provisions for Wintix 5

CSS Support Contract Provisions for Wintix 6

The annual or monthly service contract covers the “how to’s” or problems encountered in using the Wintix box office accounting software and the Webtix online ticketing software. Free updates to the software, monthly newsletters with valuable tutorials, free access to the online Help Desk, and remote login are included with a service contract.

You receive 30 days of free email and phone service with a new installation of Wintix 5 or Wintix 6.

Service hours are Monday through Friday between 9 am – 5 pm Pacific time, and on call on weekends (for emergencies only).

An emergency means:

  • You cannot sell or print tickets
  • You cannot access Wintix
  • Your Webtix online ticketing site is down

Support Contract Versus Per Incident Service

While we highly recommend having a support contract, Per Incident Basis (PIB) help can be obtained for the following rates. All rates are on a per minute basis with a 10 minute minimum. (Per Incident Support applies to phone support only. Does not include email service or discounted upgrades.)You must provide a valid credit card at the time of service.

  • Remote login – add $1.50 p/min
  • Software updates – add $25 – to each of the following rates:
    • Wintix 5 – $2.75 p/min
    • Wintix 5 & RTT/Webtix rental – $3.00 p/min
    • WintixPro 5 – $4.75 p/min
    • WintixPro 5 & RTT/Webtix rental – $5.25 p/min
    • WintixPro 5 & Webtix full license – not offered

Other Services

Center Stage Software offers additional services to enhance your understanding and increase your productivity.

We also offer:

* Please contact for information and pricing.