Our Partners

Arts Management & Technology Laboratory

Arts Management & Technology Laboratory (formerly Technology in the Arts) provides current and future arts managers, technologists, and researchers with existing best practices and emerging technologies that allow for a direct impact on their work and their organization. Through online and off-line engagement, AMTLab is a resource that leads to innovative, effective and efficient integration of technology in the cultural and creative enterprise space.

AMT Lab conducts occasional surveys of ticketing software users and reported Wintix and Webtix are among the top preferred and used software among respondents.

Arts Reach

Center Stage Software is a proud member of Arts Reach, an industry association that supports leading arts professionals who are committed to “Advancing Arts Revenue Growth Together.” Joined together through the Arts Reach website, conferences, magazine, webinars and e-letters, Arts Reach members are adding to their bottom lines and advancing the field with cutting-edge ideas they share regarding leadership, marketing, fundraising and ticketing.

Fundraiser Software

Fundraiser integrates with Wintix and Webtix for advanced fundraising and donor management. The software automatically updates in two directions, from FundRaiser to Wintix, and from Wintix to FundRaiser. The module also enables you to view past ticket purchases from within FundRaiser, and includes Wintix data in FundRaiser backups. You can also run queries of Wintix data from within FundRaiser, in combination with FundRaiser data (people who bought tickets during the past two years who have not yet donated).


GoDEX International offers thermal and bar code printers that are renowned for their high quality, affordability and responsive customer service.


INTIX International Ticketing Association. This is the organization for everyone in the box office and/or ticketing industry.

Practical Automation

When thermal printing is a requirement one name stands out from the crowd – Practical Automation, which is a premiere manufacturer of specialty and custom printers.


ScanSource POS & Barcoding delivers AIDC and POS solutions; Catalyst Telecom and ScanSource Communications provide voice, video and converged communications equipment; and ScanSource Security offers physical security solutions.

The Boca Printer Store

The Boca Printer Store buys, sells and rents Boca ticket printers. It has models that fit virtually every need.  Boca printers are designed to efficiently print millions of tickets. The Boca Printer Store purchases printers from various sources, refurbishes and recycles them by making them available for sale or rental at a very competitive price.

Theatre Geeks

Listen to Diane and Bruce Rowe, founders and owners of Center Stage Software on a Theatre Geek Podcast!

How did Bruce, a merchant seaman, and Diane, a city employee and community theatre performer, end up creating a box office ticketing software company?

“Diane said she was happy for me to go to sea,” Bruce deadpans. “She lied.”

With their infectious enthusiasm and dry wit, they describe the genesis and evolution of Center Stage Ticketing, which became Center Stage Software, talk about the advantages of internet ticketing, and how theatres can keep service charges in their pockets.

Theatre Geeks is a podcast and website focused on community theatre, featuring episodes and articles on acting, directing, technical and business issues, as well as other news and feature topics. An informative and entertaining resource! Become a fan! We are!

Worldwide TicketCraft

Worldwide TicketCraft is a manufacturer of reserved seating and point of sale tickets, season books, wristbands, roll tickets, coupon books and raffle tickets. They provide discounts and inexpensive ticket solutions. Custom printed single tickets. Cheap, speedy, event tickets direct from the manufacturer.