Benefits and Features

What’s the difference between Wintix and WintixPro?

Wintix includes all the standard features listed above. WintixPro is for our larger commercial venues and includes the ability to keep track of commissions paid to agents, extensive reporting on group sales, aging and receivable reports, password over-rides, and unlimited seats. WintixPro can be compared feature for feature with any program on the market, including the $50,000 programs.

Many of our customers simply do not need this level of sophistication. However, if it turns out you do need to upgrade, we will prorate the price.

Compatibility with Other Programs

The program is compatible with almost every other program on the market. Data is kept in industry-standard, database files. Spreadsheets and databases access this directly. The program also exports to text files to do things like mail-merges in word processors.

Our software is compatible with the Microsoft Office and Linux. This degree of compatibility is one of the truly great parts of the system.

Advanced fund-raising

FundRaiser software integrates with Wintix and Webtix for advanced fundraising and donor management. The software automatically updates in two directions, from FundRaiser to Wintix, and from Wintix to FundRaiser. The module also enables you to view past ticket purchases from within FundRaiser, and includes Wintix data in FundRaiser backups. You can also run queries of Wintix data from within FundRaiser, in combination with FundRaiser data (for example, people who bought tickets during the past two years who have not yet donated).

Watch a short video about how FundRaiser and Wintix can help you with your donor management program.

Multi-User – Do You Need It?

The economics are simple: with two computers, you can handle twice as many customers, sell twice as many tickets, and make twice as much money. If your phone lines are jammed or you are losing customers while on hold, a network will pay for itself.

Generally, venues with more than 500 seats find that a network pays for itself in a year. Venues with more than 1,500 seats cannot exist without one.

You do not have to stop at a two-computer network. Wintix will handle as many users as your hardware will handle. Everything is transparent to your users. It looks and acts the same.

With Wintix, two people can sell seats for the same performance at the same time. If they try to sell the same seat, the first user to sell the ticket gets the selected seat. The second one gets a message telling them the seat is already sold. This is all built-in.

How To Get More Information

Call, write, email or fax:

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By The Way

We will input your first seating plan – for free. Once input, you can copy, modify and create new plans. If your organization has more than one seating plan, we can input them for an additional fee.

The following enhancements are also available:

This gives you real-time sales from your customers who purchase tickets online. For more information, go to the Webtix section.